Tanya Katsina (2017-2020) - Currently: Associate Scientist at Domainex (Cambridge, UK)

Sidonie Aubert (2016-2019) - Currently: Strategic Management at HEC (Paris, France)

Martin Cattoen (2015-2019) - Currently: Postdoc in Dr J. C. Monbaliu's group (University of Liege, Belgium)

Tao Song (2015-2018) - Currently: Postdoc in Pr. Wanbin Zhang's group (Shanghai Jiao Tong University)

Marllon Nascimento de Oliveira (2014-2017) - Currently: Postdoc in Dr A. Zacharias' group (CNAM, Paris)

Morgan Languet (2014-2017) - Currently: Postdoc in Pr. Thomas Poisson's group (IRCOF, Rouen)

Marine Bézagu (2012-2015) - Currently: Research Scientist, formulation department - ‎ADOCIA

After her PhD: Postdoc in the Institut Langevin, Ondes et Images

Amandine Kolleth (2011-2014) - Currently: Team Leader (Syngenta, Stein, Switzerland)

After her PhD: Postdoc at Syngenta (Stein, Switzerland)

Jérémy Fournier (2010-2013) - Currently: ‎Scientist at Arcus Biosciences

After his PhD: Postdoc in Pr A. Zakarian's group (UCSB)

Aude Colon (2009-2013) - Currently: Teacher in Paris

Abdelatif ElMarrouni (2009-2012) - Currently: Senior Scientist at Merck.

After his PhD: Postdoc in Pr K. C. Nicolaou's group (Rice).

Thomas J. Hoffman (2005-2009) - Currently: Senior Team Leader (Syngenta, Stein, Switzerland)

After his PhD: Postdoc in Pr E. M. Carreira's group (ETH)





Dr Marina Bantzi (2016-2017) - Currently: Postdoc in Pr L. De Cola's group (ISIS, Strasbourg, France)

Dr. Erica Benedetti (2013-2014) - Currently: Chargé de Recherche in Dr L. Micouin's group (Paris, France)

Dr. Jocelyn Wang (2011-2012) - Currently: Scientist at Johnson & Johnson

Dr. Raphael Lebeuf (2008-2010) - Currently: Assistant Professor (Université de Lille, France)

Dr. Shyamsunder R. Joolakanti (2007-2008) - Currently: Postdoc in Dr M. J. Cho's group

Dr. Ravindra P. Sonawane (2007-2008) - Currently: Group leader Syngenta (Goa, India)

Dr. Julian Gebauer (2006-2007) - Currently: R&D-Chemist at Analyticon Discovery (Potsdam, Germany)

Dr. Jyotirmayee Dash (2006-2007) - Currently: Assistant Professor (IACS, Calcutta, India)

Dr. Joëlle Moïse (2005-2006)





Will Saunders (MSc- 2018-2019)

Louis Clavier (Summer 2019)

Georgina Kirby (MSc - 2018-2019)

Sammy Fassil Tekie (BSc - 2018)

Luuk Reinalda (2017-2018)

Claire Fleurisson (Summer 2018)

Ines Bassette (Summer 2018)

Kalina Mambourg (Summer 2018)

Sachi Prem Sharma (BSc - Fall 2017)

Franchesca Radica Singleton (BSc - Fall 2017)

Jerome Beaudelot (Fall 2017) - Currently: Grad student in Pr Gwilherm Evano's group (ULB)

Bilal Siddiq (2017)

Oscar Gayraud (2016) - Currently: Grad student in Dr Bastien Nay's group (Ecole Polytechnique)

Louis Peault (Summer 2017)

Susnata Bhowmick (Summer 2017)

Jennifer Dupond (Summer 2017)

Silvia Anselmi (Summer 2017) - Currently: Grad student in Dr Daniele Castagnolo's group (King's College)

Samiha Anam (Summers 2016 & 2017)- Currently: Grad student in Pr Darren Dixon's group (Oxford)

Elliott Le Du (Summer 2016)- Currently: Grad student in Pr Jérôme Waser's group (EPFL)

Nicolas Fincias-Aguilera (Summer 2016)- Currently: Grad student in Pr Laurent El Kaim's group (Ecole Polytechnique)

Ege Hosgor (Summer 2016)

Bengi Senturk (Summer 2016)

Bilal Siddiq (Summer 2016)

Vianney Raffi (2014)

Rinah Joseph (2013)

Bruno Melillo (2010) - Currently: Postdoc in Pr S: Shreiber's group in Harvard

After his master: Grad student in Pr Amos Smith's group (UPenn)

Sébastien Prévost (2008) - Currently: CRNR Researcher.

Previously: Postdoc in Pr B. List's group (MPI, Mulheim) and Pr V. K. Aggarwal's group (Bristol)

Moussa Seck (2007)