Elias was born and raised in Grenoble, France. He studied at Grenoble Alpes University where he completed his Bachelor degree in Chemistry and Biology in 2015. He pursued his studies with a MSc in Organic Synthesis. During his internship in Kobayashi research group (3 months) at Tokyo University, he worked on asymmetric catalysis using rhodium nanoparticles. Later, he worked on C-H activation in Larrosa research group at Manchester University for 6 months. 

He joined the group in 2018 to work on the development of innovative Difluoromethylation methodologies. 

Outside the lab, Elias enjoys practicing sports (climbing, gym, running) but also read books and learn stuff about microelectronic. He grew up in a city surrounded by three mountains and he enjoys going up on one of these for a hike or skiing. He really loves to be high in altitude to enjoy the view of the Gresivaudan valley. That’s why sometimes it seems that he still has the head in the clouds...


Org. Lett. 2024 (in press)
Org. Lett.2021, 23, 11, 4239–4243